This blog is for all of us who enjoy getting away from it all and exploring new places. So we get out on the road, we camp out, we enjoy the outdoors. This can be in a motorhome, a caravan, a camper-trailer or a tent – or perhaps escaping to a beach-site or a bush-block for a while.


We still want that little bit of comfort – this can vary from the essentials like lights so we can see when it’s dark, to the more nice-to-have things like a fridge, or a TV, or an electric pump.

And this is where 12Volt power comes in. So we’ve gathered together some info for those of us wanting to know more about the many 12Volt possibilities.

So The 12Volt Blog is a place to explore our options, and chat a while about our particular setup – either real or still in the planning stages.

To get started, let’s head over to the Intro page.