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Welcome to The 12Volt Blog!

This is a place where we try to separate fact from fiction, and science from opinion. Opinions are things like: which is better, Engel or Waeco – or Toyota versus Nissan? There will never be agreement on these things – but it’s certainly fun trying!

So for The 12Volt Blog, opinions are things that we’ll leave for discussions around the campfire.

What we want to do here is to get to the heart of the question, and then throw some science, facts, and electrical realities into the mix, and come up with an answer that suits your particular question.

Asking Questions:

And there’s no such thing as a stupid question – not on The 12Volt Blog. The only stupid thing you can do with a question is not to ask it – that way you can be sure you won’t get an answer – see what I mean?

My background is electrical engineering, and in The 12Volt Blog we focus on low-voltage stuff. So when we say 12Volt, we’re happy to stretch to 24Volt, or even 48 Volt systems – especially if it’s interesting… ask the question anyway, it’s worth a shot…

What we are not:

We concentrate on all things 12Volt – however we can’t pretend to be experts on towing, braking, ball-weights, or anti-sway devices. And when it comes to installing gas fridges or finding the best camping spots, this is not the site I’m afraid. But if your question has got 12Volt in it somewhere, that’s us, come in and have a look around!

We don’t Sell Stuff here:

The 12Volt Blog doesn’t sell or endorse any products. This keeps the information on this site free from any brand or vendor bias. We receive a small amount each time you click on an advert on our website, but their advert here doesn’t mean we necessarily endorse them. So the info on our website is aimed at guiding you to sensible and savvy purchases, regardless of where you choose to buy.

Some Rules:

To guide our questions and answers here are some general rules – they are simple but important:

1.  Be Nice. There’s enough out there that’s not, so we’ll keep it positive around here.

2.  Fact over Opinion, every time. In The 12Volt Blog it’s about the science and applying it properly, and if necessary grounding it with some real-world measurements.

3.  Untangle Things – chase the problem not the symptoms. Only when we’ve sorted out what the real issue is, do we stand a chance of fixing it.


Where to Start:

Well the best place is probably with the FAQ – that will help sort your question into a relevant topic and guide you towards some useful categories in the Blog.

If this still leaves you with questions then simply get into the Blog area and ask your question! Or use the Search function in the Blog area –  just enter your word, and press play.



All of the content in The 12Volt Blog is licensed under a Creative Commons agreement. That means you can copy the info on this website for free! All that we require is that you identify The 12Volt Blog as the source, preferably with a link to the relevant page, and that you don’t modify the content. There is more detailed info on this and other things like Privacy in the Policies section.